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(document last modified on August 19, 2023)


Feedback can be sent to moc.xmg@8491c (only about app latest release) attaching a screenshot of the Help|About menu item.

Please read this first

The following Questions and Answers are intended for the latest release of the application, which is currently 4.1.0.
Before going on you may want to check the version you are using. Don't be afraid to update it if necessary.

The most frequent questions

Where can I find my data files on the computer? Question #76
What if all my data is missing after installing an update? Question #60
What's this mess about Administrator and Limited users? Question #74
After installing MMCC I get a number of error messages... Question #71

  1.   Is MMCC really free of charge?
  2.   How can I run the application on my Mac OS or on a Linux/Android system?
  3.   How can I get a detailed list of the features added to each version?
  4.   Will any of my data be lost when installing an update of MMCC?
  5.   Is there any danger of getting my computer infected after installing the program?
  6.   What are the screen resolution requirements to run the application, and how can I change it if necessary?
  7.   What is the best place I can choose to make the backup copies of my data?
  8.   Can I import all my database in MS Access?
  9.   The inflation rates or consumer price indexes (CPI) included in the application are very different from the ones registered in my area.
10.   What is the purpose of the Update function?
11.   What is the Reindex function for?
12.   How to proceed if I ever need to restore the backup copy?
13.   Is there a shortcut to change the order of a field?
14.   How do I move a column or change its width?
15.   Where are the user's settings stored and how can I reset them?
16.   What is the difference between the fields Original cost and Current cost?
17.   I don't like my name to be shown in the header of the edit screen. How can I hide it?
18.   How can I customize the report to prevent columns from being overlapped by others or to exclude some fields?
19.   How can I get a printed report of only a subset of the records?
20.   What is the way to have multiple rows selected?
21.   Unexpectedly I can no longer see the pictures associated to each record.
22.   Sometimes I find the field Country too short. Could it be widened?
23.   Would it be possible to add several more fields, like chemical formula and class, Dana and Strunz numbers, crystal system, synonymy, etymology, and the species name in more than one language?
24.   Can I define additional fields for my own specific needs?
25.   What are the size (or maximum length) and type of each field?
26.   Could the size of any given field be enlarged?
27.   What programming language has been used to develop this application?
28.   What are the meanings of the fields Label price and Buy price as opposed to Original cost?
29.   What are the user file names? I mean the files where the data I'm entering is actually stored.
30.   How can I get the total of the current cost of only a subset of records, not the entire database?
31.   Sometimes I get messages that say Index is out of date and Corrupt file other than header just when opening MMCC. What do they mean?
32.   Is there a quick way to save all the data entered in a record by using the keyboard?
33.   Can your program take, in its field Number / ID, dots or periods (.) or hyphens or slashes (-/). Will it take letters as well as numbers?
34.   Can fields not used be minimized?
35.   Can it be used to manage two different collections in a single computer, keeping them separate?
36.   When starting the application I get messages that say either Directory is controlled by other .NET file or Table is busy. Then my data is not shown and everything seems hung, and sometimes even MMCC can't be opened.
37.   How can I disable the user definable fields?
38.   I found a minor bug related to the Order by number function, in the sense that if you write 1, 2, ..., 10, ..., 124, etc, the program will misunderstand and order them as follows: 1, 10, 11, 12, ..., 2, 20, 21,... etc.
39.   What about printing labels? Nothing fancy would be needed, maybe the ability to choose a font and size, and font alignment for each of the three fields that most people would want on their labels (species/description/locality).
40.   What can I do to keep the records of specimens that are no longer in my collection?
41.   I removed one record but then I realized it had been a mistake. How can I revert the operation?
42.   What is the Marked field for?
43.   I fear I've lost all my data! When opening MMCC an error message is shown reporting something like an index file is out of date. After making a reindex another message tells me again that the culprit is an outdated index, and I can't see my data on the screen. How can work it out?
44.   Why a field with two names such as Main species / Specimen name?
45.   It is not easy for me to perform a search of the locality at Mindat. Could you give me some advice?
46.   Is it possible to link the appraisal to the inflation figure the way the original and current cost does so that you also get a current appraisal figure?
47.   I've seen the new Auto number new records option. How does it work?
48.   If I delete the mineral photos from my computer will they also be deleted from the database?
49.   After a computer crash [or a power outage] MMCC has stopped working. A message saying something like Exception EDBEngineError... Directory is controlled by other .NET file... is displayed. The application cannot be opened anymore.
50.   I'm trying to install a new version but I get a message that says An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5. Access denied.
51.   What is the point of the date shown below the specimen pictures in the edit form?
52.   How to print simple labels.
53.   I don't find the name of varieties in the species list.
54.   Any special advice to install and use MMCC in Windows 7, 8.x, 10, 11, or upper?
55.   When I try to open MMCC several errors are shown, my data is not visible, and it hangs. What should I do?
56.   What to do if I ever need to convert my data to other formats?
57.   What is the difference between a regular reindex and a clean reindex?
58.   How can I quickly find the record linked to an image file?
59.   What is the best way to name the picture files?
60.   What if all my data is missing after installing an update?
61.   In the dropdown list to capture localities I see a name that is no longer valid but can't find a way to delete it. How should I proceed?
62.   What is the dropdown list attached to the Source field made of?
63.   I'm working My Mineral Collection Catalog with two computers at different places. How can I take my data from one computer to another to have them always synchronized?
64.   The specimen photos I added to the Edit form are shown very slowly in the Carousel. Why?
65.   I'd like to calculate the total mass of my specimens. How can I get it?
66.   My new Netbook does not allow to set a screen resolution over 1280x1024, so I find some of your program screens truncated at the bottom. Any solution?
67.   How can I operate the Gallery for just one single specimen?
68.   In addition to the acquired date of a specimen I also have the date it was field collected. Can I add a column in order to have this information?
69.   Can I move a column in the main form? If so, is it permanent?
70.   I have updated my computer to Windows 10 and installed the program. Then I didn't see any of my records. So I tried a reindex and the error Index is out of date was shown. By the clean reindex the same error appears and nothing happens. Is there a solution for this problem?
71.   After installing MMCC I get a number of error messages like Index file corrupted, Field ... not found, Index is out of date, Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset, A component named ... already exists, and what's worse, my data has suddenly vanished.
72.   What versions of Windows is this piece of software compatible with?
73.   When opening the record of a specimen by double clicking on the grid I always get an Access violation error message. What's that?
74.   What's this mess about Administrator and Limited users?
75.   Why is the Largest crystal field so long?
76.   Where can I find my data files on the computer?
77.   I set up a filter with three conditions and now I need to cancel the first one. The app doesn't allow you to remove this line unless you first remove the others below. A better solution?
78.   What should I do to associate an image to a specimen?
79.   Is there a way to sort the Species 2, 3, etc? Sometimes I am looking for all of the occurrences of certain rare species and they may be the second or even a third species on a specimen whose primary species is also rare.
80.   Just after opening the application I get a message saying Blob has been modified.
81.   How can open a website from the field Notes in the Edit form?.

Application latest release: 4.1.0


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